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Privacy Policy
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Changes to the Terms of Use
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Introduction. We may make some products, services or content available to you for purchase or license through the Service. By purchasing or licensing any “Products” (which includes products and services or content) through the Service, you agree to these Terms and the added terms in this Section, which we’ll call the “Terms of Sale.”

Authorized Purchasers. In order to make a purchase using the Service, you have to be a registered user with an Account. If you get banned or we terminate your Account, we won’t let you place orders using the Service. Any attempt or use of "bots" to automate purchases will result in an immediate ban.

Making Purchases. When you make a purchase on the Service, the total price of Products may include taxes, fees, shipping or special handling costs. Before you confirm certain transactions, we might show you additional terms related to that purchase (like special shipping or license terms). Those additional terms will also apply to that transaction.

Limited Quantities. Some products on the Service will be available for purchase only in limited quantities by each purchaser. Any attempt to circumvent these limitations (like creating multiple accounts, pooling purchasers from the same household using the same payment method, group purchases for resale or anything else that we think you are doing just to get around the limits) is prohibited.

Returns and Refunds.

Digital Content & Codes – No Returns, No Refunds. Many Products available through the Service involve the purchase or licensed use of “Digital Content” and you are given immediate access to or codes providing redemption rights for access to and use of those Products as soon as you complete your purchase. Because you get immediate access and use, you lose any right to cancel or to claim a refund once you have made the purchase. Sales of redemption codes to third party content may cease to may be discontinued by their providers. We will have no liability of any kind and will issue no refunds if Digital Content you have purchased is unavailable. We may offer a substitute product, but you understand and agree that we are not required to do so and that any substitute product or service would be offered in our sole discretion.

Physical Goods. You may request a return or exchange within some days of delivery. Every request for return or exchange is reviewed on a case by case basis. We may refuse to return or exchange any Product for any reason in our discretion. Any return and refund permitted will be subject to a some restocking fee.Any physical item shipped with a code for Digital Content cannot be returned or exchanged. You may request return or exchange of merchandise damaged during shipping and your request will be reviewed on a case by case basis. We may refuse to return or exchange any damaged merchandise in our sole discretion.

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